Wed18 October 2017

Conference “How to better valorize mountain food products?”


Euromontana organises a conference to present the state-of-the-art of the new optional quality scheme legislation and the European Charter for Mountain Quality Food Products. During this conference, producers will explain why they have chosen to use this new legislation and policy-makers and practitioners will explain how they can help to support mountain farming.

Across Europe mountain areas represent an important source of food – not only for their inhabitants but also for those in the lowlands who visit them regularly or buy mountain products online or in their local shops. In 2012, the European Union adopted a new regulation for an optional quality term protecting mountain products, thus creating a specific market segment for these food products throughout the European Union.

Three years after the adoption of the delegated act, which defined the details of the new optional quality scheme: where do we stand? How do Member States apply this new legislation? Do the producers use this new possibility to valorise mountain products? Beyond the optional quality scheme, how to better valorise mountain products and create added value in mountain areas?

These and other questions will be discussed in the framework of the conference. Interpretation will be given in English and French.

For further information on the agenda and on registration, please consider the attached document and visit the website.