Wed21 March 2018 - Wed 21 March 2018
70197 Stuttgart, Germany
  • DE

BIFOCAlps workshop: How to use virtual/augmented-reality-technologies in the manufacturing value chain


BIFOCAlps organises an interactive workshop (world café method) to show how companies can use virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) in the manufacturing value chain. 

This regional thematic workshop focuses on VR/AR technology. the first part of the event will introduce the BIFOCAlps project and its impact indicator system starting with an information of the status of this technology. Then, 3 case studies which show how VR/AR technology can be used in different aspects of the manufacturing value chain will be presented. Participants will contribute at the world café tables and have the possibility to discuss the concrete cases. They will do so considering the BIFOCAlps impact indicator system for "facturing of the future" technology implementation and try out the different VR/AR systems. During the last part the guests will provide feedback about the indicator system and have the possibility to discuss the topic.

The keynotes will be held in English. Due to the main focus on regional companies the discussion during the world café will be in German. Because of the interactive character of world café method it will be very complicated to provide translation.

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