Happy World Environment Day!
14 20
Issue #3: May – June
Low Carbon
“Seven billion dreams. One planet. Consume with care”

This year’s slogan of World Environment Day calls for the responsible use of natural resources. As we face an ever-growing population, this challenge becomes more and more imminent and actions around the planet are needed. World Environment Day is an annual event initiated by the United Nations that encourages social actions among individuals and institutions, with the aim of increasing awareness of global environmental challenges. With a growing number of events taking place every year in this framework, the World Environment Day initiative encourages many people to become so-called “agents of change” and to take action by contributing to positive environmental actions. All registered activities contribute to the overall goal of the initiative.

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Programme News

After having received over 200 Expressions of Interest for its first call for project proposals, the Alpine Space programme has now almost finished the first round of evaluations. Successful projects will be selected by the end of June and will be invited to submit a detailed application form. More information may be found here.

Project News

Sustainable energy production and protection of nature: balance is needed

Windmills, water dams and solar panels: sustainable energy production has great potential but can, at the same time, also put pressure on the environment. recharge.green, an Alpine Space project that focused on the question of balancing energy production and nature protection, opens the floor for discussion on this issue today, in the framework of a side-event at the Green Week 2015. Stakeholders from policy levels, research institutions, NGOs as well as energy companies will be among those invited. Project and pilot areas results and policy recommendations will be presented.

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Reach 100 % energy and sustainable high performance in buildings

Energy-efficient buildings are on the rise in Europe but many of them still do not meet all the expected performance criteria. In response to this problem, European regions and organisations created the CESBA network, an initiative aiming to improve the conditions of energy-efficient buildings. Among its members is the Alpine Space project CABEE, which will be co-organising a creative workshop on 18 June, during the EU Sustainable Energy Week, focusing on how to maximise sustainable performance in buildings across Europe.

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European News

Green Week 2015

The main focus of this year’s Green Week, the conference on European environment policy, is on the subject of nature and biodiversity. The core subject of discussion has been the interaction between the protection of natural diversity and the maintenance of competitiveness in Europe. Every year, the Green Week brings together public administration, business and industry representatives, as well as NGOs, educational institutions and media agencies, resulting in the biggest annual conference on European environmental policy. This year’s event has taken place in Brussels, giving the participants the opportunity to discuss their experiences and exchange best practices. Apart from a diverse programme, this year’s event has also featured an exhibition of exemplary projects from green businesses, NGOs and other institutions, as well as a series of side events, such as the one of the recharge.green project.

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Interreg turns 25!

It all started in 1990, when Interreg was first developed as a European Community initiative. Since then a lot has changed: over the past 25 years Interreg has constantly adapted to the shifting needs of territorial cooperation in Europe and has established itself as an important instrument of cooperation. Today, with around 107 cooperation programmes and a budget of 10.1 billion € for the 2014–2020 programming period, Interreg finances cross-border, transnational and interregional territorial cooperation all over Europe.


To celebrate this anniversary, several activities are taking place throughout 2015, such as the Valentine’s challenge #EUlovewithoutborders, inviting “cross-border” couples to share their story. The celebrations will be rounded off by the 25 years Interreg conference, taking place on 15 & 16 September in Luxembourg. This event will be mainly directed at the members of the EU Commission, Interreg programme bodies and other stakeholders and will showcase Interreg’s achievements of the past quarter century.

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“Sharing borders, growing closer”

This year the European Cooperation Day is taking place for the fourth time. On 21 September and the surrounding days, European territorial cooperation programmes will organise local events in over 30 countries, with the aim of bringing people together and showing the importance of territorial cooperation. This initiative is supported by the European Commission and the European Parliament. The main focus of the fourth European Cooperation Day will be the celebration of 25 years Interreg.

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Alpine News

Food-producing mountains

Mountains do not only store most of the world’s water reserves, they are also characterised by vast biodiversity as well as by unique food cultivation and processing methods. During Mountain Week at EXPO 2015, 4–11 June, food production in the fragile mountainous ecosystems will be the central theme. This initiative of the Italian Ministry of Environment is held in collaboration with the Alpine Convention and the Carpathian Convention and comprises different events, such as exhibitions, meetings and performances dedicated to mountain products, agriculture and sustainable development in the mountainous regions around the world. The events are open to the public.

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Upcoming Events

Energy and nature in the Alps: a balancing act! How to reconcile renewable energy and nature?

5 June, Brussels (Belgium)


This Green Week 2015 side-event, organised by the Alpine Space project ‘recharge.green’ will focus on how to reconcile renewable energy and nature.

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Mountain Week Expo

4–11 June, EXPO Milan (Italy)


A week of exhibitions, workshops and performances dedicated to food production and sustainability in the mountains.

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Final conference SedAlp project

9–10 June, Bolzano (Italy)


The project’s final conference, called "Towards an improved sediment management in the Alpine space", will feature keynote speakers and interactive discussions.

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EU Sustainable Energy Week 2015

15–18 June, Brussels (Belgium)


This year's event will focus on the role of responsible consumers in the new Energy Union and in driving the EU towards its sustainable energy goals. 

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CESBA workshop at EU Sustainable Energy Week

18 June, Brussels (Belgium)


This creative workshop, organised by the CESBA network, will focus on how to increase the success of energy efficient buildings in Europe.

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Final conference AlpInfoNet project

18 June, Munich (Germany)


At this conference, project partners will present challenges and solutions of an Alpine-wide transport and tourism information system. 

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“Global challenges, Mediterranean solutions. Decision making and concrete actions” - Interreg MED programme kick-off event.

22–23 June, Marseilles (France)


The 2014–2020 edition of the Interreg MED programme will be approved this summer and inaugurated through this kick-off event.

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Symposium of “Alliance in the Alps”

19–20 June, St. Martin Belleville (France)


This event, organised by the network of the Alpine municipalities “Alliance in the Alps” and the French municipality of Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, will focus on the topics social wealth and natural diversity.

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Conference “Wood in World Rivers 2015”

6–10 July, Padova (Italy)


The third International Conference “WOOD in WORLD RIVERS 2015” is co-organised by the SedAlp project.

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