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Season’s greetings edition on the latest project & programme news
Special issue: July – August
Low Carbon
Call 4 projects completed implementation phase

The call 4 projects of the 2007–2013 programming period tackled diverse subjects, such as the Alpine building culture and evaluation, sustainable mobility, renewable energy accessibility and storage, innovative financial instruments, rural-urban governance strategies, energy production and nature protection, as well as risk management and geo-potentials. After having worked together for a period of up to 3 years, the call 4 projects have all completed their implementation phase in June 2015. Their achievements include the implementation of action plans in pilot areas, the creation of transferable concepts and tools, as well as (policy) recommendations, handbooks and guidelines in various fields.

We would like to thank all involved persons for their engagement and the good collaboration. We are sure that with their joint achievements they could make fruit-bearing contributions to their field of action and we would be delighted to see them again soon with new project ideas.


Find out more about the call 4 projects and all the other Alpine Space projects of the 2007–2013 period here.

Call 1 step 2 of the Interreg VB programme

30 projects have been invited to the second step of the application process which will close 25 September. Project representatives have been invited to an applicant’s seminar in July, where the application procedure and the handling of the eMS tool were explained to them in more detail. This also gave them the opportunity to meet other project applicants as well as the JS, the ACPs and the MA. Receiving a very positive feedback, the JS is planning to extending future seminars of this kind to a two day event in order to allow more time for networking, as well as individual exchange between project applicants and programme representatives. The proceedings of this event can be found here.


Information concerning the next call for project proposals will be given in autumn 2015.

Project idea and partner search tool online

The new project idea and partner search tool is now available online. Anybody interested in developing a project has the possibility to submit their idea via this tool and request a non-binding feedback from an ACP and/or the JS. The subscription to the project idea community also gives the opportunity to find potential project partners and make one’s own contact details visible for other users of the tool. Moreover, project ideas developers have the choice whether they want to publish their project idea in the project idea database. By doing so, their idea will be visible to anyone browsing through the database which further increases the chance to find potential project partners. Please find the project idea and partner search tool here.

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