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23 new projects approved!
Interreg Alpine Space @ AlpWeek
Special issue: October 2016
Low Carbon

Cooperation is our daily life at the Interreg Alpine Space. But the past months and weeks were special even by our standards.


First, we co-organised the AlpWeek, an event that takes place only every four years and that saw ten Alpine organisations teaming up for a week filled with a variety of sessions, exhibitions and networking opportunities around this year`s theme “Alps & People”. Not only we as a programme were present at the AlpWeek, but also a number of Interreg Alpine Space projects were involved in sessions or at market stands: CESBA Alps, CoNSENSo, INTESI, MORECO, PEACE_Alps. 


Second, out of the 31 projects proposals in the second call, 23 projects were selected for co-financing. This means that 23 project teams are now in the starting block to kick off their activities, on topics ranging from design to circular economy, rock fall risk and youth involvement.

A warm welcome to all of them!

Second call for project proposals - the new 23 projects

The projects approved in the second call for project proposals are:


Priority 1: Innovative Alpine Space


Specific objective 1: Improve the framework conditions for innovation in the Alpine space



Specific objective 2: Increase capacities for the delivery of services of general interest in a changing society

AlpSib,  PlurAlps


Priority 2: Low carbon Alpine Space


Specific objective 1 – Establish transnationally integrated low carbon policy instruments



Specific objective 2 – Increase options for low carbon mobility and transport



Priority 3: Liveable Alpine Space


Specific objective 1 – Sustainably valorise Alpine Space cultural and natural heritage



Specific objective 2 – Enhance the protection, the conservation and the ecological connectivity of Alpine Space ecosystems

ALPBIONET2030, HyMoCARES, Links4Soils, RockTheAlps


Priority 4: Well-governed Alpine Space


Objective – Increase the application of multilevel and transnational governance in the Alpine Space

GaYA, GoApply


Click on "More" for a presentation of each project. 

Second call for project proposal: partners and budget

Click on "More" below and check a partner overview and the programme budget committed after the second call for project proposals. 

Interreg Alpine Space projects @ AlpWeek

Interreg Alpine Space co-organised the fourth edition of the AlpWeek, which welcomed more than 500 participants in Grassau, Germany, from 11 to 15 October 2016. 


We ran three sessions at the event: 

+ Make the Alpine Space a better place to live! - Quiz about cooperation in the Alps

+ Model the Alps!  - Solutions for natural and cultural heritage valorisation

+ At your service! - Speed networking and world café on services of general interest


Five Interreg Alpine Space projects contributed actively to the week of events: CESBA_ALPS, CO.N.S.E.N.SO, INTESI, MORECO, PEACE_Alps. 


Here some impressions...

CESBA Alps - CESBA Alpine Space – Sustainable territories

Etienne Vienot (left), and Markus Berchtold-Domig (right), from the CESBA Alps project


"The different formats of  the workshop e.g. the "Model the Alps!" session, where we were asked to represent some concepts with our hands and clay were one of the most interesting aspects of the AlpWeek. Another highlight was the market place, where we had the opportunity and the time to exchange ideas with people, and to network."


For the whole interview, click on "More"

CoNSENSo - “COmmunity Nurse Supporting Elderly iN a changing SOciety”

Alison Garnier-Rivers, from the CoNSENSo project


"For CoNSENSo, meeting the other people and organisations that have the development of the Alps at heart was an important way to start to measure the potential impact and reach of our project."  


"All the discussions confirmed that there is both great interest and real expectations in the CoNSENSo project results. We don't want to put pressure on ourselves, but we have the feeling that we have an obligation to succeed!"


For the whole interview, click on "More"

INTESI - Integrated territorial strategies for Services of General Interest


Peter Niederer (right), from the INTESI project

(Photo: Peter Niederer from the INTESI projects meets representatives of „Plattform Land Südtirol“ at the market place)


"The market place was a nice concept in order to get in touch with different projects and institutions. Furthermore there were several workshops about “services of general interest” and “welcome culture”, both subjects that are of particular importance for the INTESI project."  


For the whole interview, click on "More"

MORECO - Mobility and residential costs

Walter Riedler (left) and Stephan Schott (right), from the MORECO project


"Our expectation was to broaden horizons."

"After the project end, some of the products of MORECO (the comics illustrations and the colouring book) were taken over by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. The settlement calculator has been extended to the whole Land of Salzburg, and the Land of Upper Austria is considering to use the tools on its territory."


For the whole interview, click on "More"

PEACE_Alps - Pooling Energy ACtion plans and Enhancing their implementation in the Alps

Ellen Esser, from the PEACE_Alps project 


"AlpWeek was a great opportunity to get in touch and better understand the point of view of small Alpine villages."

"We enjoyed the opportunity to attend some sessions that were particularly interesting and linked to our topic, as for example the one introducing the “100max” project from CIPRA"


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What's up EUSALP? EUSALP action group leaders meet Alpine Space projects

This section of the newsletter is a virtual dialogue between EUSALP Action Group leaders and the Alpine Space projects. What are the mutual expectations? What can be done together?

Action Group 6: To preserve and valorise natural resources, including water and cultural resources

Action Group 6 of the EUSALP (AG6) kicked off their work programme on 28-29 June 2016 in Klagenfurt, Austria (photo taken at the kick-off meeting). Action group co-leaders Wolfger Mayrhofer (WM) from the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention and Helmut Serro (HS) from the Carinthian Regional government, tell us more:



Interreg Alpine Space (IAS): Now that the kick-off has been taking place, what will be the AG first action in the near future?

WM and HS: The AG6 kick-off conference aimed at prioritising potential themes, projects and outputs of the three sub-topics of AG6 which are “Spatial development and soil conservation”, “Future oriented farming and forestry (nature protection, socio-economic and cultural aspects)” and “Integrated and sustainable water management”. Based on this prioritisation, the next step for our AG6 will thus be shaping concrete proposals within the three sub-groups, that subsequently will be included in the AG6 work programme.


IAS: If you could choose a motto for your AG, what would that be?

WM and HS: The AG6 aims at preserving and sustainably valorising the Alpine natural and cultural heritage, to enable also future generations to enjoy the unique living space of the Alps. Our motto would therefore be “With the Alps – today for tomorrow”. 





Caroline Pecher (CP), project coordinator of the AlpEs project (Alpine Ecosystem Services – mapping, maintenance and management) explain how the project foresees the cooperation with the Action Group: 



IAS: What do you expect from the EUSALP AG 6?

CP: We expect a fruitful collaboration and a mutual exchange of knowledge and ideas on Alpine ecosystem services and their role in the preservation, valorisation, sustainable use and management of natural resources in the Alpine Space.


IAS: How do you concretely foresee the cooperation with the AG 6?

CP: We aim at informing the AG 6 regularly about AlpES, its activities and outputs and are ready to collect their feedback for our further project development. Moreover, we intend to contribute to the AG 6 by supporting key stakeholders in embedding the knowledge/application of ecosystem services management tools at multiple administrative levels and across sectors and by facilitating know-how transfer and exchange of experiences across borders. AlpES and AG 6 are already linked well and a mutual exchange is ensured thanks to the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention, which is the co-leader of AG 6 and at the same time an AlpES observer.


AlpGov: the project supporting the implementation of the EU strategy for the Alpine Region

On 07 June 2016, the programme committee approved the AlpGov project in its meeting in Lugano, Switzerland. 


AlpGov aims to support the effective and efficient implementation of the EUSALP strategy. The project designs and tests appropriate governance structures and mechanisms mainly at the level of the EUSALP Action Groups (AGs), but also creates synergies with the other EUSALP implementing bodies and further institutional actors in Alpine policy. 

European Regional Development Fund