Prof. Dr. Ing. Natalie Eßig and her team at the Institute for Construction and Building Climatology at MUAS organized a symposium with the title “Next Generation” that addresses the digital planning tools for future buildings and cities. The symposium took place on the 26th of July and was organized in cooperation with CENERGIE (Competence Center Energy-Efficient Buildings and Districts), Munich Building Center and the Bavarian Chamber of Architects.

The Symposium addressed the topic of digital planning tools of the future and how these tools can be used to plan and implement sustainability for buildings and cities in the future. About 50 Representatives from various fields participated in the event and actively  discussed the questions of how the new generation of planning  tools can contribute to  the sustainability of the built environment  The participants of the symposium included not only architects, engineers and city planners, but also representatives of municipalities, politics and research.