The CoroMoro is a multicultural choir born in 2014 in the north-west of Italy. Its members are African young men who arrived in Piedmont/I. They all left their home country to reach Europe and have experienced a long journey and the difficulties of being accepted in a new country.

The migrants who arrived in Ceres in 2014 were lucky enough to meet Luca and Laura, who took the time to talk with them and get to know them. Like you would do with new neighbours. It was very important for these young men to learn Italian and singing was a rather nice way to do it. That’s how the idea of the choir started, in a simple and natural way. Today the members of the choir are no longer the same as in 2014. Some of them moved to other cities or countries. Other migrants arrived after them and integrated the choir.

The CoroMoro choir describes itself as the voice of those who have no voice, because its members sing in the languages of the place where they live now - Italian and Piedmont dialect - , but add their African soul to the songs.

The story of the CoroMoro choir is a story of friendship, exchange, acceptance and integration, the kind of story that the PlurAlps team would like to hear more often.

The CoroMoro was invited to play during the mid-term conference of the PlurAlps project that was held in Turin/I on 16th May 2018.

You can watch some CoroMoro performances via these links:

Photo: CoroMoro concert

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