Cross-Sectoral Alliances for Smart Living


Smart Living Technologies have a real potential of shaping the future of the Alpine Space region. If we asked you what a teenager in Rhône-Alpes has in common with a grandma in Murska Sobota? Or, what a construction worker in Freiburg, has with a school-teacher in Lombardy? You probably couldn’t come up with many similarities. However, one thing that can be almost universally acknowledged, is that these people face daily challenges and they probably have access to smart technologies (or at least the internet)* on a regular basis. With this in mind, it is only natural that institutions are turning to the digital economy to spearhead solutions to the different challenges faced by the population.

The Alpine Space arena is becoming a leading destination for technology providers in the area of Smart Living, but is hindered by fragmentation in the research and innovation landscape, which prevents the transnational region from becoming the centre of European excellence. CARE4TECH looks to bridge the gap in this fragmented landscape, by generating a coordinated approach to Smart Living technology development. CARE4TECH focuses on creating and maintaining strong ties between quadruple-helix actors; what this means in practice is creating structures that improve the communication and transparency between research institutions, businesses, government, and civil society as a whole. By improving these ties, the project aims to align policy development with real civil and market drivers.

If there is one thing that this project hopes to achieve is to highlight the excellent work that is taking place across the Alpine Space area related to Smart Living technologies, and to create more interconnected activities between these key players. These actions will aim to sustainably anchor a strong policy development agenda beyond the end of the project. 


Total eligible costs:1.847.820 EUR
ERDF grant:1.425.919 EUR


Project start date:01/11/2016
Project end date:31/10/2019